Bluehost Control Panel: Why Does the Right Web Hosting Control Panel Matter?

You will have to regularly deal with your web hosting control panel if you own a website.

Most web hosting control panels are difficult to use for most users. Due to unlimited aspects of running a website, loads of features in a control panel can overwhelm you. 

You need a web hosting control panel that solves this issue and helps you manage your website without overburdening you. 

Read on to learn more about web hosting control panels and if there is a perfect web hosting control panel for you. 

Web Hosting Control Panels 101

Bluehost Control Panel — What It Offers?

Final Thoughts: Web Hosting Control Panel — Why Does It Matter?

Web Hosting Control Panels 101

Web hosting control panels let you manage your servers and hosted services. You may have heard of cPanel and Plesk. These control panels provide total control over things like SSL, apps or modules you want to use, databases and web server management. 

But it takes time to find the correct settings. This is even more true if you have to track multiple logins and control panels with settings to configure for DNS, FTP, SSH and PHP or deal with different operating systems like Linux, Unix or Windows. 

It’s a lot for a beginner to deal with. Toss in terms like Apache, API, MySQL, Nginx, phpMyAdmin, and you’re bound to have a difficult time. 

Bluehost Control Panel — What It Offers?

Bluehost Control Panel aims to simplify hosting services for website owners. It makes it easier to find all the tools and add-ons you need to manage your website. 

Here are a few benefits of the Bluehost Control Panel. 

1. See and Access All Your Sites Easily 

My Sites lets you easily see all the websites you have hosted with Bluehost. You can add a new website by creating a website or initiating the migration process from another host. 

Web hosting control panel — The My Sites view in the Bluehost Control Panel

You can access the site management tools to see how many themes and plugins you have installed on each website. You can even update the themes, plugins and WordPress. 

You can also:

  • Set up system administrators 
  • Customize the user interface 
  • Set permissions 
  • Switch from shared hosting to dedicated servers or VPS servers 

2. Build a Better Site With Marketplace

Marketplace is your one-stop shop to find the perfect set of services and resources for your website. You can browse through various WordPress services, explore different open source web themes and discover new plugins for your website. 

Bluehost marketplace

You can see the live demo of themes and plugins, read more about their range of features and install them with a single click. 

You can also upgrade your hosting plan at any time. All of these tools are conveniently located within your Bluehost Control Panel. 

3. Never Lose an Important Email

Professional email tied to your domain is a must nowadays. 

Some hosting providers offer email hosting but separate email accounts management from website management. And some hosting companies do not offer email at all, which means you have to opt for an alternative. Either way means tracking multiple logins. 

Web hosting control panel: Email management is easier than ever in Bluehost

Luckily, you can access your mail server with the user-friendly Bluehost Control Panel. 

You can choose between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to manage your email addresses and email. Both options offer affordable monthly prices and let you create multiple email addresses, configure spam filters, and set up forwarders. 

4. Buy New and Manage Existing Domains

As a business owner, you might have multiple domain names associated with your business. This can include your domain name with different extensions or even personal domains and domains for your side projects. 

Managing your domains can be tedious when you have to keep track of their expiration dates. And if you bought your domains from different registrars, managing your domains becomes even more cumbersome. 

You can solve this by transferring your domains to Bluehost and managing them all in one place. You can see when each domain is about to expire and set up auto-renewal, so you never have to worry about one of them accidentally expiring. 

5. Boost Your Visibility and Traffic With Marketing Tools

Building your website is not enough. If you want visitors to show up, you have to drive traffic to your website. 

Web hosting control panel: Marketing tools are another benefit of the Bluehost Control Panel

Social media and creating content for your blog are good places to start. But they are long-term strategies that take time to build momentum. If you want to get the initial boost in traffic, it’s a good idea to invest in paid ads. 

Through the Bluehost Control Panel, you can access all the marketing tools you need to start promoting your website effectively. 

For example, you can start advertising your website with Google Ads. You can create your Google Business Profile and optimize your website for search engines with Bluehost SEO. 

Additionally, you can use Creative Mail to create stunning email marketing campaigns and send them right from your WordPress dashboard. The tool integrates with your WordPress signup forms and WooCommerce orders so you can quickly build a list of engaged subscribers and potential leads. 

6. Convenient Access to Advanced Tools and Support Resources

Bluehost Control Panel gives you access to advanced tools if you need them without overwhelming you.

Under the Advanced tab, you can access tools such as application installer, file manager, backups, firewall, domain management, directories, and command-line changes. 

Besides that, if you have questions about certain aspects of managing your website or even WordPress, you can access our extensive knowledge base with one click. You can also contact our customer support staff.

Final Thoughts: Web Hosting Control Panel — Why Does It Matter?

Bluehost Control Panel makes it easy to manage all aspects of having a website. You can access all these tools in one convenient location. 

Forget juggling between different login details and put your trust in Bluehost. 

Choose a hosting package that suits your needs and start building your website today. 

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